Hi everyone,

As I make my way through the day in -17-degree weather, I wonder out loud and often to anyone who will listen, “Dear God in heaven, why do I still live in this northern tundra!” I mean your eyeballs freeze! This kind of sharp, white cold is not uncommon in February in Minnesota yet every year when we thaw out, I develop seasonal amnesia, like, it’s not so bad as I am sitting in my backyard sucking down margaritas. All of us who live this far north also share a kind of hubris, like, try me sister, I just played on a frozen lake for 2 hours by choice. I say all of this to say, that in times like this I am well aware of how easy it is to take for granted that my house will be warm when I get home because somebody along the line had the wits and skill to invent a heating system that doesn’t require me to chop wood.

Everyday conveniences started somewhere and are hiding in plain sight. This week we are taking the time to honor some of the Black inventors who make our lives easier, help us to live longer. We will celebrate the man who brought us refrigerated trucks (can you imagine not having fruit or meat or even a head of lettuce that you didn’t grow yourself) and the under-appreciated doctor who created the everyday life-saving blood banks.

Here's a great video Kid President--How to be an inventor!

Stay warm. Stay safe. Stay healthy. And as always laugh as much as you can.

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