Checking in with Yourself

Checking in with Yourself

90% of small business fail within the first 18 months. It takes a lot of hard work, more money than you anticipate, and master marketing skills. You have to be rich or clever or well-known, and honestly, you need all three. Then you have to have luck, strength, courage, perseverance, and a firm grasp on reality. That’s a tall order for anyone, especially the luck part. Yet, recent surveys across America show that coming out of the pandemic, more and more people are reassessing work and are eager to start a small business or freelance. Talk about confidence.

Renny Run is here to bring that attitude to the little ones at the earliest possible touch point. I am certain that entering the world with a belief in oneself is a good thing, that bold exploration is necessary, and that eventually we will land where we belong. What changes as we age, among many other things, is our definition of what success looks like.

What keeps me going is that I am driven to help the little ones any way I can. Renny Run may look like a retail business, but it is really about the mission to connect, heal, and try not to make the same mistakes with our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and friends that we made ourselves. Not all mistakes. That’s impossible and unhealthy, but the negative self-talk mistakes. Those are the most detrimental to any success.

Renny Run wants to help you connect with your childhood and, in turn, give your loved ones what you needed when you were little, but didn’t know how to ask. That is it. Simple.

Which reminds me, the Renny Run team and friends are getting outside of our houses and into the community!  For Minnesota peeps, we will be at the Hopkins Raspberry Festival on Saturday, July 17 from 9a-4pm, and on Sunday, July 18th from 10-6pm, we will be at PRIDE.  Stop by and say hello. We long to see your beautiful faces!  If you can't make it out, take a moment to check-in with yourself, assess where you are. This TedX Talk about the power of believing in yourself might give you a little lift if you need one.  It is worth the 18 minutes.

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