March is Women’s History Month. As with Black History Month, I struggle with who I should acknowledge. Our world is filled with so many talented, innovative and brave humans to celebrate! In our Black History Month blogs, I decided to honor those whose inventions have become an invisible part of our everyday lives, things we take for granted, but are necessary for our survival. For Women’s History Month, I decided to take this a step further.

Not only are we going to honor the achievements of notable women and young girls, but I want to celebrate the women in my life—friends, family, amazing strong, creative, brave women who have made me better, whom I admire, respect and learn from every single day. Often, it’s the ones who are simply leading their lives, those who are not Instagram famous, or celebrity famous, who have the most influence over us. We all have them, and maybe sometimes, we take them for granted.

I want to start with Robin Hickman-Winfield. Robin, Robin, Robin. I ask that you read about her because she radiates love and faith, not only person to person, but throughout all of her work. I ask that you read about her because she is someone who I believe is taken for granted like the water we drink. We don’t know what we’ve got ‘til it’s gone, so the song goes. She is an advocate for truth and justice in everything that she does as a film and tv producer, as a strong community engagement consultant, artist, and activist, who rises every single morning with the mission to help young people onto their rightful path.

Robin introduced me to the children, helped me to see their vulnerability and strength, their bright ideas, and grave mistakes, how environment and circumstances can influence confidence (or lack thereof), and either lift up or oppress their childlike view. She is on this earth to love all the babies and do everything in her power to bring them into a place of confidence, power, and peace, that which allows them to envision themselves in a positive future.

If it wasn’t for Robin Renny Run would not exist. It is she who said I am worthy first, and we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for her. Thank you my friend. I am here today to hold you up as a beacon. Your light shines on so many, and I grateful to be one of them.

So, in honor of her work with the children, we want to celebrate Mari Copeny, a young girl who has set herself on a course of influence, who could have easily been one of Robin’s babies. It will be exciting to see where they both go from here.


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