Confidence #2

Confidence #2

Hello everyone.  It’s Monday April 12th and this is the weekly blog from Renny Run. If you’ve been following along, you know a little bit about my life, met some amazing humans, and understand why I want to try and help the little ones avoid some of the traps we fall into as we grow. I hope these stories resonate with you and I encourage your comments below or write to me at to share your own story. I believe everyone has a story to tell; something unique and interesting to say.

Today, I am once again talking about confidence, the core of Renny Run, and how it, or the lack of it, shows up in the decisions we make. This brings me to: “I am a Pilot”, the third aspiration in our new BRAVE Collection.
So, I’ll just start here: I am not a pilot and never believed for a second that I could become one.

It has nothing to do how lazy I am, or the thousands of hours of training required to learn the ins and outs of complex computer systems, or to master the language necessary to communicate with air traffic controllers and mechanics, or to find the thousands of dollars it takes to get that training. I worked for an airline for many years. I have flown hundreds of times and I have easily flown with tens of thousands of people. I am not a pilot because I didn’t believe that I could handle the responsibility of taking your life in my hands.  To bring down that bird from the sky, with you sitting in 12F watching a movie or playing with your child, is unfathomable to me. I simply did not have the confidence at an early age to even daydream about flying a plane.

I understand that there are all kinds of random events and details of where and to whom you are born that influence every one’s future. I know that all our major choices in life require a certain level of intelligence, resources, support and luck to achieve our goals. But I believe that we should try as hard as we can to let children know that they are free to imagine themselves in any role. Life will play out as it does, but at the very least, maybe, just maybe, we can offer a little encouragement that helps the children of today see themselves in a productive tomorrow.

So, when we talk about Renny Run and I write these blogs, I try to make it as personal as possible because I am not a psychologist nor am I an expert in child-rearing, but I do know a little bit about confidence, the fears it can temper, and the doors it can open. I see this now through the rear-view mirror, and man, being a pilot would have been awesome!

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