I was one of those kids. Some may say insubordinate. Actually, it was the nuns who would say that. I couldn’t understand why they punished me for speaking up and asking, “Why are you yelling at me?!”  I was always with the questioning. Always why, why, why, so much so that during the creation of Renny Run (as I have had to re-visit my own child-like world view), I realized that my parents likely bought me that series of books called “Tell Me Why?” because I was so annoying!  

As frustrating as I may have been as a kid, that curiosity about everything led me to a successful career in non-fiction storytelling and documentary filmmaking. I love interviewing people and relish the opportunity to get to the bottom of things and learn about how people think, why they do what they do, why they believe what they believe. I mean I have interviewed hundreds of interesting folks including Dr. Robert White, the man who explored head transplants. I have talked to Bigfoot believers, buskers on the streets of London, and bank robbers to name a few. I wonder now if what I should have been was a research scientist. Hmmmm.  I didn’t know that back when I made my decision to go into the entertainment business.  I didn’t have the confidence in my intellectual abilities to even consider a career in science even though chemistry was my favorite class in high school. I don’t know why (and that drives me crazy). I considered myself an artist, creative, empathetic, and didn’t understand at the time that science is exactly like art.  One must be willing to ask questions, explore, listen, and think creatively.

Science is a huge topic especially if you are tapped into politics and the current controversy over this Covid-19 virus, and so is the push for expanded STEM education especially with young girls. This is why our second offering in the Brave Collection is “I am a Scientist”.  

I firmly believe that there is no harm is allowing children the freedom to imagine themselves doing what they dream about, to activate and never turn off their curiosity even if life takes them in an entirely different direction. I am pretty sure that we all wish we knew then what we know now, but that doesn't mean life was wasted. I still haven't found what I'm looking for, and that's ok because I am still asking questions and learning so much every single day.

Watch Tay Kabs teach little TJ Science. This family.  No wonder they are taking over the internet. (embed)

Have fun! And happy Spring.
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