When you read this, we will have just come off a weekend of our first in-person events, but I am writing this before it happened because I know that I will be too exhausted on Sunday night when the blog needs to post on Monday morning.  We will have tabled at a local Raspberry Festival along a small-town Main Street and at PRIDE along the pond in a beautiful downtown park, both from 6am until 8pm, in the 90-degree heat.

Each experience will have been unique in its own way. We will have met families, and children and people from all different backgrounds.  They will have told us what they thought of Renny Run, our mission, our brand, our products.  We will come away with a clear vision of what we are doing right and what we seem to be doing wrong, and we are fully prepared to apply what we have learned to our message and outreach plans.  Yep.  We will be on our way, full and satisfied with the path we need to follow, and how we can best serve our community.

Ah, the trap of expectations, and the frustration that may lie ahead because I broke the cardinal rule: Expect nothing and you won’t ever be disappointed. But I cannot stop dreaming about meeting you! No matter what you may have told us, whether you liked what we are doing or not, I know that I will not be disappointed because you, our community, are the most important element in our plan. We are truly here to listen, and act upon your ideas about how to best serve the subtle needs of your little ones.

I am so excited!  For what actually happened, insight into what we learned, and some stories from the people we met, check out next week’s blog. For the fun stuff, check out our social media this week.

In the meantime, I thought this article from Psychology Today was interesting  “Children develop a sense of themselves from how they are experienced by their parents.”

Take care and see you next week!

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