Reality Check

Reality Check

Renny Run is plucky and joyful. We get that all kids want to be grown up, thus the “I am….” messaging rather than the “I want to be…” messaging.  We also get that they have no idea what grown up means, so we created Renny Run to inspire children in a playful way while subtly sowing seeds of confidence that we as adults hope will prepare them for a better life; one small tool in their tool belt.

Then we are smacked again by the backhand of reality and suddenly Renny Run feels superficial and naïve.

It is difficult to live here in Minnesota and not be affected by the events that are swirling around us. The world is a dangerous place. Then I remember that Renny Run is here for us and as much as it is for the children. Renny Run is here to remind us to ask ourselves, “Why is the sky blue?” I miss that feeling.

This week we offer “I am an Explorer”, the 4th in our BRAVE collection because it feels freeing. The world is nothing but a giant lab for children. Everything is new, and exciting.

Renny Run is here to help us try and let kids be kids even under the most strenuous of circumstances, to let them dream of being a doctor or a pilot, to open their minds to the idea that anything is possible (because it is) before their greatest desire comes true and they grow up.

Why not?  What is the alternative?
For a little light and a lot of inspiration, there are so many places to go, but I suggest you check out @YoungDance or

They will make your heart dance.

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