I have traveled to 48 states, (I’ll get to Vermont and Maine one day), and countless cities in 17 countries. I have seen children begging on the streets of San Salvador and hustling for their families on the streets Delhi. And I have met children who get private tennis lessons in their backyards.

You may have explored the world through travel. Or you may have a wonderful sense of place and learned about the world through books or films or other people’s stories. And still others, you fit somewhere in between the nomad and the anchor. It’s all good. It is all just life, be it as it may. But I ask each of you, “What have you learned from your experiences that you want to teach your children?”  What do you wish you had been taught when you were little?

I write these blogs to the mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and family of the little ones Renny Run supports. You all have a lifetime of wisdom. You are the ones that may wish you would have done things differently. You are the ones who may wish that you could simply inject all of life’s lessons into the children, so they won’t make the same mistakes you made. You are the ones with the stories to tell.

Renny Run is meant to be a source of reflection for you, a source of inspiration for your little ones, and as conversation starters. Our products give people the chance to ask kids why they are an explorer or a teacher or a poet. Plus it opens the door for you to pontificate, err, share your experiences with them in the few moments they might be listening.

I would love to hear all of the answers that you get! Please share with us here or email me at

Oh, and here is something beautiful and mesmerizing just for you. The Infinite Now by Ray Collins, André Heuvelman, and Jeroen van Vliet.  Enjoy.

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