Week 1: Welcome Blog

Welcome to Renny Run! Thank you for coming over because Renny Run is as much about you as it is about the children in your life. It is about taking a moment every day to remember your own childlike worldview while also shining a light on the kids; planting in them a tiny seed of confidence from which their dreams can grow.

Everything we do here at Renny Run, every person we work with, every story we publish, every link we suggest you explore, embodies those two elements starting with our name and our logo. I mean Renny literally means Small but Mighty. And run? Well run into the sun as only a fearless child can do without thinking about how hot it will burn. A child sees only light, great adventure and warmth. Think about it, go to the sun right now, look up, close your eyes and feel that innocent warmth for a moment.

Yes, our t-shirts are super cute and comfortable, the artwork is amazing and clever, and the kids will love the chance to say, “I am….!” and talk endlessly about what they want to be when they grow up.

As the Renny Run community grows, we’re going to hear as much about fear and failure as we will about fun and laughter and how both are necessary on the road to confidence and success. And we will add many, many more designs and dreams.

Please note that I am not a psychologist, nor do I claim to be an expert on anything even my own life story, as it continues to evolve. If my experiences and the experiences of the Renny Run family resonate with you, that is great! If not, please feel free to share your own stories.

So here is an old favorite the fits perfectly into the Renny Run family. We will get into the more serious stuff later, but we will always try to leave you with a smile and some light.

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