Blog #3--Daydreams

My nighttime dreams are crazy. I have long narrative movies and nightmares and disorganized clips of me trying to find my way in someone else’s house. Sometimes my deceased parents visit me to say hello, then good-bye. I am sure we could talk all day about the things we dream at night. But daydreams, now that’s a different story altogether because they are our own individual musings that can carry us anywhere we want to go.

That’s why mornings are the best! You might prefer night or that golden hour called dusk, but morning with its pastel skies and birdsong represents possibilities, do-overs, and a moment of stillness to daydream without getting caught, a slight fear I carry over from childhood. My teachers really disliked me. I think that is because in class I was either talking, rebellious and mouthy or daydreaming, all of which made me extremely popular with my classmates, but not so much with the faculty.

Anyway, daydreaming is not as bad as your third-grade teacher made it seem. At least I don’t think so. It helped me through the pain of growing up, took me to faraway places, helped me write my own story. I emerged a good student, a brave and independent citizen, and a lover of daydreams as they were a valuable tool for navigating life. Renny Run began as a daydream.

I imagine that you only hope the best for the children in your life, that they will successfully weather another day, feel safe in their own skin, feel free to daydream about the future and how they will look in it. Well, I wish the same for you.

Oh, and when you have 4 minutes and 29 seconds to spare, have a look at this charming video. Hilarious.

Psychics Read Kids Fortunes
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